Thursday, 7 November 2013

no.2 Russel the Muscle...still-life with skull and lamp.

It was my mistake to put this one in a dark, pee n'tagg-fill alcove off Hosier Lane in Melbourne city, the kids mistook it for a photo-copy (pah!!) and tagged over it almost immediately...whatever, I've been doing street-art too long now to not be zen about it, did fix it however before someone else went to pre-skool on it, ah the spring-holidays...I saw the kids doing it too, however instead of walking over there and stompin on them in my suit, I figured what they need is education not violence..

So, this one's gone now too- but had it's time...text in the corner reads:
"If you look close you'll notice a pair of crows have made a nest in one of the towers on the forum theatre, amazingly our cleaning lady at work can hand-feed one of them and calls him Russel..."

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