Monday, 11 November 2013

Have a (perfect) day off- Lou Reed..

I was half way through drawing up this one when Lou Reed passed-away..I kinda'never thought he'd die, in some strange way..but was very moved by it, and the media response to it...
So I collage-d into this drawing the MX image of him...this work is in Hosier Lane, Melb-City, 
Thx 'Melbourne-Now' for leaving it up! (fingers X'd) 
So other references: Klimt (patterns/book) a still-life Cezanne-ism...RenĂ© Magritte and his famous pipe..The roman-catholic catacomb saints, St.Theodore and St.'Incognito' or 'unknown-bone'...I'll take a few more image as it gets worked on by the public, and some close-ups...thx everyone, RIP Lou...

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