Thursday, 21 November 2013

Footscray Street-Art Prize 2013

"In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.." -Beck, Loser.
Street-Art always has been always been large.. but currently it seems to have gone monumental- both in the scale of works being produced and the number of painters working the scene. I love that advertising billboards are now being directly challenged by original art, however my work is going the exact other direction. Its no criticism, I just have always brought the intimate and personal to the street through my work, comic-blogs and busking etc etc...and my new direction is more a community-project than vandalism and hopefully, it improves or inspires the lives of those who live and work around what I've done to their wall/space. A positive, not negative...hopefully! 

So, for this years Footscray Street-Art Festival/Prize I did a 'Colour-Me-In-Original', with a local flavour (as I lived in that area for the first 10 years I was in Melbourne) with the idea of having the passers by, and hangouts doing the hard-part, the hard-art...the colouring-in. Here's a few scans of the drawing, pre-paste n'community-colour...

Now its up and already much loved and worked-on...I'll go back and take more photos, and fix the bucket for the pencils..most likely replace the pencils...every few days until the prize is over. 
The frame in the background was just to section it off and add some colour to the background so the collage-effect of the paper is more clear and interesting...For details or discussion, please comment or add me

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